"Choosing Franz as the stallion to breed to our older Percheron mare was very positive.  Danielle is professional, knowledgeable, and the care and well being of our mare while at Danielle's farm was as though our mare was one of her own.  We really appreciated knowing that our mare was in good hands, and Danielle was genuine in her care and concern for our mare and for all the mares.
I spent many hours at Danielles farm, and attended the live cover breeding of our own mare as well as the other mares.  Franz was consistently gentle, and never showed any signs of aggression, in any way towards any of the mares.  Our mare being older, and 7 years between breeding seasons, it was very important that our mare was handled in a gentle and caring way.  OUr choice with Franz was 100% the best choice for a Friesian stallion.
During each breeding session, Lyle was the handler of Franz, and Danielle supervised each live cover breeding.  Lyle and Danielle both practise the belief that the safety and gentle handling of each horse is always top priority.
I highly recommend Franz, as a stallion for live cover breeding.  Professional, safe, and we know we will have a top notch quality foal this Spring of 2013."

Donna and Peter from Rocky View