Registered name "Frans"
FHANA 2009, 16HH Purebred Friesian Stallion
2nd Premie at first Keuring 
9 Generation Full Pedigree colt
Frans's sire is Tietse 428, click here to see more information on him.  Tietse 428 is the only friesian stallion in the world that has sired 10 Grand Champion foals in 1 season!  As well he is the only FPS/FHANA stallion going Grand Prix Dressage!

Frans's Dam was a ster mare with the kindest temperment. Please see Frans's pedigree to find out more.

Frans is already showing a strong resemblance to his sire with a chiseled face(with NO roman nose!), extra hair growth, incredible trot movement, extension, and elasticity!


Frans Friesian Stud Video taken in July 2013


2014 fees:



There is no Booking Fee, the full Stud fee is due in cash on the day you drop off your mare.


Please email for a copy of our Breeding Agreement which will be signed together when you drop off your mare.


  • $1,200 LFG – Friesians, Andalusians, Lipizzans, Gypsy Vanners, Hispanos
  • $800 LFG– All other breeds

Frans Friesian Stud Video taken in the summer of 2012